Options trading as a business


Options trading as a business

Convert Proven Business Strategies into Trading Success.

Passive Income is now possible for you

  • Stop Worrying About Market Direction
  • Double Your Money In Less Than 60 Days
  • Win More Than 90% of Your Trades
  • Generate Franchise-like Profits Without the Overhead
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


    The first step in any business starts with an idea. You come up with an idea based on research where you find a competitive advantage.

    In options trading, you do the same thing. You come up with an idea where you have an edge. You find situations that the market has not discovered yet... Situations where you have an advantage.

    In Options Trading As a Business, we provide you with detailed explanations that let you hunt for trades with explosive profits as well as trades that have an unusually high win rate.


    Once you have your idea – generated by in-depth research – it’s time to pick the right strategy to exploit the opportunity.

    In business, this step involves creating a business plan. And it’s the foundation of your business.

    With options, it’s far simpler. We show you what strategies to use and when. We show you how to match the options strategy to the situation so you’ve always got the best plan to match the opportunity your research discovered.


    We all know it takes money to make money. But how much?

    In business, budgeting is where you figure out how much you need to spend to implement the plan you created to profit from the opportunity your research uncovered.

    In options, once again it is far simpler. Here you figure out what the right price is to implement the strategy you chose to profit from the opportunity your research uncovered. At Options Trading As A Business, we show you how to use a disciplined approach to cost control so you have the best chance at success.


    What does it take to succeed? In business it can mean selling your business to someone who can follow in your footsteps. If you’ve done a good job... If your research was on target... If your strategy was sound...

    It can mean a good payday. And if the start up costs were under control, that usually means a nice profit.

    With options, it’s the same only easier. Here, you close things out, as well. And it’s here that you make your money. When you use the methods taught in Options Trading As A Business, you’ll know in advance what exit strategy to use in every situation.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Real Success Stories from Real Customers

    It's like anything else, you trade like a hobby, your gain will be as if it were a hobby. You treat it like a business, I think you can definitely get a good business income out of it.

    Al S. AL

    When people give you their money, you have a sacred trust to guard it. Protection must be your foremost and highest concern. At the same time, it's my job to make my clients money. I've been fortunate to do quite well with my trades following Don's methodology.

    Don has more than one strategy, but I stick to the straddles and strangles. It's clean cut. It's simple. And I'm making my clients money with it.

    Clive D. CT

    I'm not interested in staying in the same trade for months on end. I'd get really bored with that. I'm a competitor. I play sports. I like action and I like to win. And in just a couple of months, I made $24,125 that I can use to pay off some bills.

    The trades I did were really no brainer. It's not like they took a lot of time or needed any particular expertise. All I needed was the intestinal fortitude to push the button, that's all.

    Joe K. MA

    Committed to Your Success

    We go above and beyond so you can too!

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    • One Free Month of our Intelligent Options Trade Alert service
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    • Trade opportunities are reviewed by our 20+ year veteran options trader

    For Anyone Who Wants Some Extra Help

    ODDS Coaching

    • Coaching from a highly skilled 20-year veteran options expert via phone or email during office hours
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    • Every prior group coaching session is recorded and available to review at your leisure.

    Never Trade Alone Again

    ODDS Community

    • One Free Month of community access where you can enjoy the company of fellow students any time you like
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    All three services, the newsletter, coaching, and community combine to form a suite of service designed to give you confidence and security, knowing that you have the resources and support to run a successful trading business. These services will automatically renew after the first free month at $49 per month. You can cancel these services at anytime and your most recent monthly payment is fully refundable.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Multiple Ways to Profit

    Many investors think that accurately predicting a stock's direction is an essential part of investing. With options investing that is not true.

    In fact, with the neutral strategy taught in this course, you can completely ignore market direction and profit in both bull and bear markets.

    Another characteristic idea related to stock investing is that a stock must move in your favor to earn a profit. Again, with options investing, that is not true.

    As a bonus for buying Options Trading as a Business, we will show you a strategy to earn profit with a high probability when the market does nothing.

    Everything you get

    Options Trading as a Business Video Course

    Options Trading as a Business Manual

    The Science Of ODDS

    Billions: Options And The Business Of Insurance

    Intelligent Options trade alert

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

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    The last paid monthly fee for the newsletter, coaching, and community is fully refundable as well.

    Get Your Trading Business Started with $195

    You'll learn to spot the best opportunities, use the best strategies for those opportunities, and make sure you get the right price for success.

    You'll also get the Science of ODDS and Billions: Options and the Insurance Business


    To top it off, you'll also get access to free coaching with a 20 year veteran options trading professional, a trade idea, and access to the ODDS Community. These bonus items alone are worth over $600.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee

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